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Immersion Trips

We are not sent to save the world but to serve the world in the name of the God who saves.

The Spirit sends us out to live holistic lives, where Jesus and justice, belief and obedience, worship and social witness become an integral expression of the integrity of our faith. 

Your 鶹Ƶ education can include an immersion experience during Spring Break or extended summer service. Ours is a mission to both proclaim with our mouths and to demonstrate with our lives that Jesus Christ is Lord.


Domestic Spring Break Trips 

Soldotna, Alaska(1st gen students only)
A valuable cross-cultural fellowship for 1st gen students to be encouraged, inspired and challenged. An introduction to others with similarities, knowing they are not alone… as well as learning from each other’s differences. A major theme will be discovering our “why?”: Why are we here? Why does this matter? Why is this valuable? Developing more clarity and fleshing out future goals and aspirations. 
Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is a city of great opportunities. It is called “Charm City” because it has a uniquely endearing character. It’s the little brother of cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Washington, D.C., which contributes to its strong sense of underdog pride. Baltimore is home to world famous institutions like Johns Hopkins, but also has one of the worst crime problems in the U.S.

At , we have a variety of kingdom partners that work to bring Heaven to Earth here to the city through their work as the hands and feet of God. As a part of this trip, we will have opportunities to see and participate in what God is doing in the schools, in homes, in the government, in businesses and other spheres.

Grace Fellowship Church started 40 years ago and now has grown to be the faith home of thousands from the Baltimore region. Join us to learn about the issues that plague great American urban centers like Baltimore and how you can be a part of their solution. Join us as we work as God’s partners to redeem and restore our city.

“I have learned that even in a city with spiritual and physical poverty, God is working in ways that can’t be measured by facts or statistics. I have learned to hold my judgment and first look at God’s plan and his creation before all else. My heart has been softened toward inner city injustices, and I seek to be like several of the leaders we met in Baltimore by allowing God to use me in whatever position he brings me to.”
—Ella Shergill ’25

Mission trip in Baltimore, Maryland

“Seeing Christians dedicated to the mission of helping this city inspired me in how they endured in their faith in spite of difficulty.” 
—Gerrit Wiegerink ’22

Rolling Fork, Mississippi

On March 24, 2023, a devastating tornado hit the town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, and surrounding areas. After forming from a supercell storm over the Mississippi river, the EF4 tornado with wind gusts over 166 mph travelled 59 miles with a width of three-quarters of a mile and lasted an hour and 10 minutes. It touched down in Rolling Fork around 8 p.m. with little warning for residents and paved a path of destruction – leveling homes, ripping roofs and walls apart, toppling trees and powerlines, throwing cars through the air, and quickly and catastrophically impacting the community. More than 26 people were killed as a result of this storm, and more than 300 homes were severely damaged or destroyed in Rolling Fork. DRS has partnered with the Mississippi Conference of the UMC Disaster Recovery Team in this area to assist in their reconstruction efforts, and your team’s assignment will be working on tornado reconstruction in and around Rolling Fork.

New Bern, North Carolina

Theme: Disaster Response & Rehabilitation 

is responding to disasters around the world. Hurricane Florence was a unique storm. It made landfall, swung south, and then circled back to the areas it had already hit. The town of New Bern, in eastern North Carolina, and several surrounding counties received more than 12 hours of sustained, hurricane-force winds during the storm. With over 4,000 homes in New Bern and more than 10,500 households registered for assistance with FEMA, the need for work teams to assist families who were uninsured or underinsured will go on for years. Students can demonstrate God’s love in a real and tangible way by serving with World Renew in the New Bern community working on home restoration projects.

Mission trip group in New Bern

“I realized the importance of having community in Christ and how having a good posture towards whatever you are doing is important when living out your faith and serving others.” 
—Olivia Onderdonk ’23

Nashville, Tennessee

Theme: Urban Ministry 

(CSM) will assist students to learn and gain an understanding of the issues in Nashville. Students will get a glimpse of the unique work that God is doing in Nashville. This trip is an up close view of the front line of urban ministry. Students will see what the community members face and walk alongside and support the efforts of people doing long term ministry.

Photo of immersion students in Nashville

“The highlight of this trip was all the learning experiences I had. I got to see a whole new side of things, like what homelessness and non-profit organizations are like. I learned a lot about the problems the city faces, and it was amazing to learn how people are approaching this.”
—Aaron Vazquez ’26

Austin, Texas

Theme: Homelessness

Shifting the paradigm in understanding what it means to be “home.”

offers students firsthand the experience and power of community. Students will stay at — a 27-acre master planned development that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in central Texas. Additionally, Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ Community Works program provides micro-enterprise opportunities that enable formerly homeless men and women to earn a dignified income, develop new skills and cultivate enduring relationships as they take part in a restorative journey home. Students will have the opportunity to have their hearts, minds and hands be engaged with learning the meaning of “home.”

Mission trip group in Austin, Texas

“It made me think harder about how to serve ‘the least of these’ and how to show my love for God through showing love to others. I also had amazing discussions with my team members about how we all saw God through all of our experiences. It made us think about how we could bring all of this back to our community at Hope/Holland.”
—Sarah Borgman ’24

Group of small, colorful homes in Austin, Texas

International Spring Break Trips

Dominican Republic

THeme: Community and Church development

 has been partnering with national pastors and churches to change lives and bring hope to local communities in the Dominican Republic. Students will have the opportunity to connect one-on-one with the community as they serve and help build a chapel for a local community. Students will also have the opportunity to see how God is working in the Dominican Republic through a medical outreach unit. This trip will provide a great opportunity for students to practice Spanish; however, eager English speakers are welcome.

Photo of immersion students working on a project

“The people that work at TIME Ministries were so patient, loving and welcoming, and they treated us like we were the only group of people they had ever welcomed in — although we truly were one of many. They poured into us with wisdom and love, and they were also simply eager to get to know us and educate us on their culture. Leaving them was so difficult, and I hope it is not the last time I see them.”
—Anna VanHuis ’25

Mandeville, Jamaica

Theme: Empowering the Jamaica Deaf Adult Population

The centrally located in Mandeville ministers with adult Deaf and their children. Students on this trip will have the opportunity to immerse in the Jamaican Deaf Village (JDV) and learn and serve in the JDV community.

"I loved learning about the deaf community and how there are many unreached people in the deaf community for God’s word. It really impacted me and compelled me to learn more and get involved."
—Jessie Schamanek ’24

Mission trip group in Mandeville, Jamaica

“This trip taught me to see God’s working from a different perspective and that He is moving in different ways across cultures and circumstances.”
—Makena Mugambi ’22

Montego Bay, JamaicaAll Greeks

Theme: Education for the Deaf marginalized population

The (CCCD) is a ministry that cares for the deaf of Jamaica. CCCD strives to nourish the next generation of Christian leaders by instilling students with a firm foundation of education, language skills, vocational mentoring, and encouragement in their faith journey. CCCD promotes participation in the Gospel through worship, outreach, and community. Students on this trip will have the opportunity to learn and use sign language as they interact and build relationships with CCCD students.

Photo of immersion students in Jamaica

“I have never gone on a mission trip or immersion trip before this, and I was able to see how God can be centered around so many conversations, whether speaking or using sign language. It pushed me to want to get to know God on a deeper level than I have previously known him.” 
—Lulu Mans ’24

He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God.” —Micah 6:8

More Information

Some trips may have high demand, and we may follow up with you about trip placement after you sign up. Please pray about the choices you make; we are excited about what God is going to do!

  • All students are expected to attend bi-monthly meetings with their team both before and after spring break
  • You are ultimately responsible for the total cost of the trip; fundraising information will be available
  • Costs do NOT include immunizations or passports

If your only reason for not registering is financial, you may contact Cindy Kleinheksel to request an application for financial assistance to help with the cost.

Standards of Excellence

In keeping with the seven , 鶹Ƶ is committed to the following:

  • God-centeredness
  • Empowering partnerships
  • Mutual design
  • Comprehensive administration
  • Qualified leadership
  • Appropriate training
  • Thorough follow through